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How To Tie Your Belt

Hello students and parents! I've been asked a lot this week (by parents especially) how do you tie a Martial Arts belt properly?

This is what a properly tied belt should look like.

A Martial Arts belt correctly tied.

So here is a brief introduction with pictures.

  1. With the belt hanging in front of you and the tag of the belt on your right side.

  2. Wrap the belt around you bringing the ends around to your front . Make sure ends are even.

  3. Overlap the ends keeping the end with the tag on top.

  4. Without twisting the belt, tuck the tag end under the belt and pull both ends tight.

  5. Bend the left end up and make a loop, then flip the tag end over the top.

  6. Tuck the tag end through the loop you just made with the other and pull tight.

  7. The finished knot should look like a fortune cookie.

An Image depicting the stages of tying a Martial Arts belt.
How to Tie a Martial Arts Karate / Kickboxing Belt

If you need any more assistance I can always show you before your next class.

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