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Positive Outdoor Activies

Music: Spoken by Etherwood

Video Production: Gerallt Jones


I love being involved with engaging the next generation in all sorts of activities, seeing them grow in confidence and watching the belief that they can learn new skills and incorporate what they learn is one the joys of this type of work.

The great outdoors allows our tech-minded selves to reset, add activities that mentally and physically challenge an individual and the concentration shifts from the digital back to the real world enabling the person to experience rather than watch...

The focus is being able to transfer skills and use them in different situations the main being how to develop and maintain a positive attitude, something that many have difficulty with nowadays.

I would advocate all who have sleeping issues to go and sleep in the wild for a few nights it's a great way of resetting your body clock to the natural rhythm of life.

The benefits of simply being outdoors are well documented but sadly not everyone has had the impetus to challenge themselves in any other environment that is beyond their comfort zone.

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