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Opening The Eyes Of The Next Generation

The Spark... Hi... A brief intro I think. My name is Gerallt and I help teenagers with their personal development, building transferable skills and developing soft skills in preparation for the workplace or further education.

My passion is showing possibilities and igniting a curiosity about ourselves, our potential and the world we inhabit.

My experiment...

Can I demonstrate Chi/Ki successfully to my class in under 5 minutes?

At the end of a long college day I thought it would be interesting to see if I could reinvigorate my students.

Without telling them what I was actually doing I asked them to follow me through a few short movements. I'm happy to say that my relationship with my students allows me a great level of trust by them, as I often ask them to do tasks without reason and then analyse the conclusions. This helps me with finding out about how students feel before, during and after tasks have been completed and allows the students to come to their own conclusions without my interference.

My goal... to awaken the latent energies in their body and allow them to feel it.

By stimulating the Energy Meridians of the Lower Back, Lung, Heart and Inner Gate Points using movement I then used simple hand stimulation allowing the energy to flow towards the fingers. The effect was instantaneous for the vast majority of the class with some students while holding their hands inches away from the heads of their partners could (like a balloon rubbed on a jumper) influence the hair to move and raise.

Rising Energy...

The students became highly animated and chatty (an unusual thing for a room of under-confident and self conscious students, especially at the end of the day). I asked them to go show people what they learnt that evening and report back the next day.

The Real Test...

I didn't believe the responses I had the next day...

It allowed for more conversation and enquiry by the students and a curiosity I had not seen in some ever. Simply for the reaction it was worth opening their eyes to the power we all hold within us.

During the next day I was asked to explain what exactly was the relationship between the movements and energy meridians, how it could benefit us and many more well thought out questions trying to understand and gain knowledge of how it could benefit them personally.

An interesting by-product of passing on the knowledge (for the students and myself) is the feeling of achievement when someone feels changed and marvels at it. Yes... that feeling of achievement is something that some of these students have never felt.

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